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Dominican University of California's

Della Robbia Inspired Plaques

       Dominican University of California has a rich history rooted in Catholicism. Although the university, originally known as Dominican College of San Rafael, disaffiliated from the Catholic Church in 1971 when it became co-educational, the heritage of the founding mothers has persisted throughout the years. Students and faculty are greeted with beautiful biblical depictions, often found in sculpture form, decorating some of the campus' high traffic buildings. These works of art are styled after the traditional Renaissance style of “Della Robbias.” These replicas have been a part of the campus community for decades. 

     Dr. Leslie Ross’ course ARTH 3108: Renaissances in the Global World focuses on the art and cultural history of the 14th through the 17th century.


    Her students have extensively researched each Della Robbia sculpture around campus, and consolidated their findings on this website. Here, you will find an image of each work of art, along with a short article describing the work written by each student. Please enjoy deepening your knowledge of the art around Dominican University of California. 

Created by students, Terise Camasura, Peter Hoo, Monica Barry, Parida Saennam, Laura Taylor, De'Jon McGuire, Matthew Aseremo, Skylar Folk, and Brittany Santos, with assistance from Sister Patricia Corr, OP, archivist for the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, California; plus information provided by Sister Margaret Diener, OP; with thanks also to Sister Carla Kovack, OP, and Amy Bjorklund Reeder, alum

Della-Robbia Inspired Plaque

Created by Parida Saennam

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